PictureCode Photo Ninja v1.0.2 PC and MAC

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Photo Ninja showcase

Photo Ninja offers a powerful, integrated suite of state-of-the-art enhancement and correction tools. Click on the images below to view examples and learn about some of the distinctive capabilities of the product.
Adaptive lighting

Photo Ninja's intelligent illumination control can lighten shadows, overcome backlighting, and tame excessive contrast, with a natural, artifact-free result.
Detail enhancement

Our one-of-a-kind local contrast adjustment makes detail "pop" without halo artifacts. It also works in reverse for a nice smoothing effect.
Highlight recovery

World-class technology can salvage many overexposed images, with convincing recovery of blown-out highlight regions.

Noise Ninja® 3.0

The gold standard for noise reduction lives on in Photo Ninja. Noise Ninja 3.0 is our best noise reduction technology yet.
Color enhancement

Improve skin tones, enhance foliage, deepen the sky, and create your own color "looks" with hue-selective color enhancements.
Black and white processing

Create monochrome and split-tone images quickly and easily, with flexible control over tonal interpretation.

Chromatic aberration correction

Automatically analyze and remove complex lateral chromatic aberration prior to demosaicing, with outstanding results.
Color correction

Balance neutrals in a single click. Achieve consistent color with on-location lighting profiles.
Distortion correction

Fix keystoning and correct complex lens distortion.

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